Romanticism is alive and well in Asia!

Hoi An, in English Peaceful Meeting Place, is a small city in Vietnam’s Quang Nam Province, with approximately 120,000 inhabitants. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999.

The city is famous for its historical district, with a well preserved trending port dating back from the 15th century. On its constructions you will find a blend of influences, from Indigenous, Chinese, Japanese and European.

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Hoi An is considered one of the most romantic cities in Asia, so while walking around you will see many couples holding hands and looking cute. It is also second rated on the 17 best places in the world to take a selfie, so while visiting have you camera and selfie stick ready to take loads of them, and later on post it on GLYD to document you trip. The city is without doubts blessed by nature; with a tropical climate and warm weather almost all year round.

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Now, a place like this one offers many experiences and spots to explore, so let’s get down to it. One of the first things you should when arriving in Hoi An is walking in the streets along and behind the canal. The Hoai River is very famous around the world, and while walking there you will see many locals, restaurants and get a real sense of the Vietnamese life. At night it gets a little bit quieter but the canal is beautifully lit up and the perfect place to observe life.

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Another great way to observe life in the city is by renting out a bike and bicycle through the rice paddies and the backstreets in the villages. Locals said that this is one of the many special ways to experience the city. So get up early, have breakfast and bike away, finishing it on the Cua Dai Beach for a swim in the ocean.

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For the foodies, the city offers an exclusive food tour where you will learn a lot from the Vietnamese food. In the tour you will discover hidden places in the streets of Hoi An and experience the best local foods around town. You will try up to 10 dishes, so it is recommended to have a light breakfast and don’t plan to have dinner after! 😉

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Visit the Tan Ky House to see the influence of Chinese and Japanese on the architecture. The place was built two centuries in the past by a Vietnamese family, but you will notice that the ceiling takes after Japanese elements, and the interior of the house is decorated with Chinese poems hanging from columns that hold up the roof. The back of the house faces the river and you will spot some European styles on the courtyard, which shows the blend of the influences in town. It is definitely a beautiful place that you will not see anywhere in the entire world.

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Last but not least, go see the Japanese Covered Bridge, one of the main spots in the city. The bridge was constructed in the 1590s by the Japanese community living there, and over the centuries everything about it has been very well preserved.

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Hoi An is a great city to learn about the Vietnamese culture while immersing on it.