Hula Dance till the dawn

The Perhentian Islands are located in Malaysia, and it became a very popular tourist destinations because of the lodging options that accommodate almost any budget. The island is divided in two, the Perhentian Besar and the Perhentian Kecil, being the first one the bigger one. Both the islands are graced with palm-fringed white coral sand beaches and turquoise blue sea. Inside the islands you will be able to experience some water sports, camping, fishing, canoeing, jungle trekking and many more. Around the two main islands are five more uninhabited ones, with many great diving spots. Shall the adventure begin.

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First thing you should know about the Islands in that once they were home of green and hawksbill sea turtle nesting population. Nowadays the island just received around 300 nesting per year because of frequent oil spills nearby. So, because of that the department of the fisheries runs a turtle hatchery on the islands to help manage the declining turtle populations. The good news is that you can volunteer to help the turtles and the organizations if you’d like, a great way to vacay and also help the environment.

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The turtle may the most important and beautiful feature of the islands, but the beaches come in second place. No matter where you stay in the island, you will have a beautiful beach right at you doorstep. Long Beach and Coral Beach are the main ones, but there are also many other isolated ones around both Besar and Kencil, so is worth going on small expeditions to those places while there. Keep an eye out for the guys in the main beaches who own their own boats, they’ll take you to whatever beach you like and pick you up and your chosen time later. Locals recommend the Turtle Beach, and the Mira Beach.

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Of course that in a beautiful island with beautiful beaches snorkeling is something you cannot miss. In Perhentian is no different, the place is filled with colorful corals and fish diversity that will keep you bobbing up and down in the water for hours!!! You can also chose to do some scuba diving if you’ve got the experience. For an even better experience get your local guide from GLYD and have them take you to the best reefs around. To spot turtles go right between Besar and Kecil and swim with them.

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Take a break from the beach and go trek through the islands amazing jungle, you will encounter wildlife, waterfalls, and may even stumble across another breathtaking beach.

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In Perhentian you can absolutely not miss the sunset, go to Coral Bay Beach to spot the greatest of them all, after the sun is set is time to have a little fun. Now, the island does not have any clubs, so everyone just meets on the beach, seats, drinks, dance the hula and watch the locals perform some typical dances. Honestly what else could you ask for? That’s better than any club in the world.

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In those two islands three things are for sure, you will always be surrounded by nature, beautiful people, and be left with many stories to tell and to remember.