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Are you a Local?  See how you can meet new people, showcase your town and make some extra money!

GLYD aims to provide you with authentic experiences in your travels.

GLYD is a visual blogging platform for travelers and locals.  With GLYD, you can connect directly with a local of a destination and book them to show you around town when you are visiting.   Whether you are looking to do something on a Friday night, planning to travel to a new place or even moving to a new city, GLYD will help you navigate the local streets.

“GLYDRs” are your local experience providers.  You can request personally curated local itineraries from locals in the area for a fee starting at $10.  From getting curated local itineraries to having GLYDRs show you around town as your local experience providers, GLYD will provide the platform to transform your journeys into moments to remember for life.

GLYD helps you enrich in the local culture from the actual people living in the area of interest!  Connect with likeminded people and find out about local events to dive right into their culture.  Do you know when the tomato festival in Spain or Truffle hunting season in Austria is? Well, it’s time to find out…