Have you ever heard of an immortal flower!?

Sapa is this amazing township capital of the Sa Pa District in northwest Vietnam. The small town is one of the main markest in the region, and an amazing charming place, full of local culture and history to tell. So if you are still wondering about your next destination in Southeast Asia, that’s it.

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The township is considered by many as a kingdom of the fruits, and which is more interesting is; the wild flowers living here are immortal. That’s right, they live forever, so while visiting the town, you’ll have the opportunity to see flowers that are there for a very long time.

Despite being a small town, it is very popular amongst tourist looking to know the North of Vietnam, given the fact that it offers a variety range of cultural tours and adventure trips. While visiting this small town you will be able to visit small ethnic villages and learn about their traditions, as well as hiking elevated mountains, seeing amazing waterfalls and sightseeing the awesome rice fields.

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Sapa also happens to be one of the very few places in the country where you can see snow falling, so if you are visiting at this time of the year make sure to register it.

Surrounding the township are several hill tribe villages, and the people who live on those villages head to the Sapa market to sell amazing handicrafts and clothing. So the city’s main market is definitely a place where you want to spend time. In the market you will also find medicinal herbs, fresh cut flowers, tribal silver work and many more. Also, don’t miss out on having breakfast or lunch at the market for a real Vietnamese food.

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For the adventure seekers, hiking the Fansipan Mountain is one of the main activities you have to do. The hike is all made by foot and is a physical challenge even for the most fit trekkers. During the hike you may spot many different wildlife species, including but not limited to birds, primates and mountain goats.




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If you are looking to really emerge yourself in the Vietnam culture, know that upon your arrival you can be arranged to stay on a homestay for the period of time you’ll be visiting. You will live and eat alongside locals, as well as learn about the different ways of life in the city and have your own personal guide around the villages. The homestay is the perfect way to experience the ancient ways of live and scenery at its best.

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If you are visiting the Ta Phin village within the Sapa area in spring, you’ll experience one of the most amazing traditions of this place: church singing. Both locals and tourists gather around this area to watch this ancient wedding tradition and hear the singing of the people. Many small tribe villages still base their unions on pre-arranged weddings, so during the church singing, the young grooms and brides-to-be participate in a procession making its way through the village, vying to attract a partner of high esteem and fulfilling spiritual needs. It is definitely a must see local tradition.

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Perhaps one of the most beautiful Sapa’s natural beauties is the Thac Bac Waterfall, or in English, Silver Falls. The place is enveloped by a range of mountains and beautiful undulating landscapes. The falls come from the Lo Sui Tong mountain top and many say that they look like a white dragon peering down onto the valley.





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Last but no least, to experience some local food visit the Hill Station Signature Restaurant, an amazing place with a cool zen decor and good vibes. People recommend the local rice and corn wine and the rainbow trout rice-paper rolls, many call it Sapa Sushi.

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They may call the flowers in Sapa immortal, but what feels immortal for me is the amazing culture and history you will experience while visiting this place.