Get Down and Dirty, It’s Good For You!

Boryeong Mud Festival, South Korea July 14-23

Source: One Day Korea

Remember when you were little and you used to always get in trouble for getting dirty? Well, now there is a festival that fully embraces the motto “get down and dirty” quite literally! Boryeong is a city that lies some 200 km south of South Korea’s capital of Seoul. Situated close to the Yellow Sea, this delightful city is well-known for its beaches and Seongjusan National Forest; however, it is the mud (of all things) that carries the most fame from this area. The mud from Boryeong is incredibly rich with minerals, bentonites, and germanium making it great for the skin. Recognizing its wonderful cosmetic benefits, in 1998 South Korea began shipping the mud from the flats to the seaside area of Daecheon and thus began the first annual Boryeong Mud Festival. Now the “Mudfest” attracts the largest number of international visitors out of all of South Korea’s festivals and is held every July.

Photographer: Stinkie Pinkie on Flickr


If asked to describe the atmosphere of Mudfest, I would portray it as a rave mixed with a gym competition mixed with a beauty expo. Probably never heard of a combination like that before, right? Competitions range from relaxing to intense consisting of: mud wrestling, the mr. mud beauty competition, mud race, mud pool slides, mud prison, mud skiing, marine army mud training course, and mud massage zone. Those more interested in the arts will be attracted to the colored mud body painting and several stages with live music, including Pungmul which is the traditional folk music of the area. For cosmetics and beauty lovers, there are many stalls selling mud products along with beauty and health clinics. There is something for everyone at the Boryeong Mud Festival!

Source: Package Korea

Pricing: (some events are free but the best ones require a ticket):

  • Adults: 10,000 won for one-day pass ($9)
  • Teenagers: 8,000 won (~$7)
  • Groups: 9,000 won ($8)
  • Families: 7,000 won (~$6)
  • Free: seniors (ages 65 and over), young children (ages 3 and under, must be accompanied by an adult), people with disabilities plus one guardian (proof required)


  • A traditional minbar- everyone sleeps together on mats in a central room
  • Hotel Mudrin (3 ½ stars)
  • Oceanview Restorel (3 stars)
  • Gallery Pension (3 stars)
  • NOVA Motel (2 ½ stars)
  • Howl Pension (2 ½ stars)


  • Book:
    • Living Language Korean, Complete Edition: Beginner
    • Lonely Planet Korean Phrasebook and Dictionary
  • Apps:
    • Naver Korean Dictionary and Translate
    • Waygo Translator (doesn’t require internet connection)