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Explore cities and its activities, events, communities and be a part of its culture. Be a local where ever you go!


Request & book personally curated local itineraries and experiences. Be a part of the communities and cultures anywhere you go!


Connect with locals in areas you are exploring.


Blog your experiences in pictures and build hyper-local communities.

About Us

GLYD is a visual blogging platform with a marketplace for explorers driven to have a local experience wherever they go. If you are an enthusiast constantly looking for local flavor in activities, places to see or eat, then GLYD is your travel angel! The global community of local travel angels (GLYDrs) provide you with personally curated local itineraries that help you feel at home while you roam. Want to connect further? We have just the solution for you! Just hire the local travel angel (GLYDr) and see their city walking the streets WITH them! We believe there is no other joy than that of connecting and syncing with someone. The feeling of home can rarely be duplicated but when we reach out to others and become part of their culture as if it were our home turf – well, that is one fascinating moment. With GLYD, we aim to connect and provide people authentic experiences.


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